Warranty Information

Aakron Xpress Boat Trailer Warranty Information

All our boat trailers are made from quality materials and components which are inspected where-ever possible before shipment from source countries for conformity with our strict specifications. We are continually improving design and features of our trailers so details will change as improvements occur.

All boat trailers carry a 5 year structural warranty and their components (except as noted below) sold by us carry a parts and labour warranty for twelve months from the date of purchase. Bearing failure is not covered as bearing performance is highly dependent on owners diligence in maintaining greasing, nor is any consequential loss incurred through the use of the trailer or any failure of the trailer or any part of it. Claims accepted under warranty will be attended to within 24 hours by service at the nearest centre nominated by Aakron. The responsibility and cost of getting the trailer to the service centre rests with the owner.

For any problems call us free on 0800 162 500