Boat Trailer Maintenance

Boat Trailer Maintenance

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How to remove a bearing buddy

How to removing the cotter pin

Greasing the winch

How to reattach a bearing buddy

How to wind up the winch

Protecting the jockey wheel

How to greasing the bearings

How to protect the winch

How to oil the springs


Clean your boat trailer regularly.
It should go without saying, but you should wash your trailer down with fresh water after every use if possible, and use a specialised cleaner like Salt Away or ExSalt at least a couple of times each season. Dried on salt will accelerate corrosion, so washing your trailer regularly is the simplest way to extend its life.

Clean and protect wheels and brakes
Your trailer’s wheels are in contact with salt water more than just about any other part of the trailer, so they need special attention. Clean brake hubs out thoroughly with fresh water and protect them with CRC. Pack wheel bearings with marine grease to help prevent corrosion.

Keep those tyres inflated
Under-inflated tyres will wear out prematurely, not to mention being less efficient and costing you more in gas. Don’t forget the jockey wheel too.

Check for corrosion – particularly on springs and bolts. 
A quick scrub with a Scotch Brite or sandpaper will reveal if any rust is just surface deep, or more serious. Replace any bolts that are badly rusted, and replace springs if necessary.

Pay attention to the tow ball coupling
A failure of the coupling could be more than just an inconvenience – it could cause a serious accident, so make sure it’s well protected from corrosion with marine grease.

Maintain winch and rollers
Like all the other moving parts on your trailer, these will last longer if you protect them from corrosion with plenty of marine grease.

Make sure all lights are working
Replace any dead bulbs, and check rubber seals around lights for water-tightness. Check electrical connections too, and dab with a corrosion inhibitor like CRC Lanocote to help protect them.

Get a Warrant of Fitness
If you don’t do anything else, make sure your trailer is road-legal. Most people regard trailer WoFs as a necessary evil, but remember it’s all about making sure your trailer is well maintained and safe to use.

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